A Personal Birthday Tribute To You

Being born on Christmas Day has its interesting merits. From receiving only one present to having many people remember you, it has always been a refreshing encounter whenever I reveal my birth date. Birthdays are always special, to that person on that day.

Just as reaching another year indicates another year older, it always implies that you’ve “made it through” another 365 days. You’ve survived through the tough times again and you are now celebrating it once more. In short, “you’ve arrived.”

While I congratulate myself for reaching another Yuletide season unscathed, I also remember those who’ve help me get here. It’s not just the familiar faces, but also those unsung heroes who have played special roles in moving me along, even if it for that flash of a second. Indeed, every body in my life played a part.

From those who’ve been critical of me to my inspiring participants and strongest encouragers, I thank you. For it’s because of you that I’ve made it, again. Every word from you influences my thoughts and forms another bit of my behavior. Truly no man stands along, nor lives alone (except on a marooned island.)

Simple words can sometimes share the deepest and most purposeful meaning. Therefore, 5 simple words to those I’ve met, gotten to know, trained and worked with for the year and the past years of my life, and to those who are reading this: I Thank You Very Much.

Merry Christmas to you.

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